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  • PopUp Play


    PopUp play is a 3D touch-based app that helps kids to create their own custom toys on demand. With this, the next generation of architects and engineers can discover the joy of building and designing since age three.


  • Nomiku


    Nomiku is one of the innovative wifi home-cooking products that let people cook sous vide (or under vacuum and under a constant temperature) at home. It is an easy to use and affordable product that allows anyone to cook like a professional chef.

  • Jack’s Stands

    Jack's Stands - Shark Tank

    Jack’s Stands offers young entrepreneurs the opportunity to operate drink stands run by kids in great retail marketplaces, malls and farmers markets.


  • Brightwheel

    Brightwheel Shark Tank

    Brightwheel is an app geared toward day care and schools to gives parents a close look at what their kids are doing all day so they don’t miss out.

  • Slyde Handboards

    Slyde Handboards - Shark Tank

    Slyde Handboards make small wave riding boards that straps to your hand and allow you to ride waves anytime even without your surfboard.

  • Bee Free Honee

    Bee Free

    Bee Free Honee® is a plant-based, honey substitute made from organic apples grown in the USA.

  • Hatch Baby

    Hatch Baby

    Hatch Baby is a baby changing station with scale and feeding/diaper/more tracker all-in-one, that tracks all your baby health info and gives it to you in an app for your phone to help you track your baby’s health and growth.

  • Rent Like a Champion

    Rent Like A Champion

    Rent Like a Champion is the AirBnB for college games, graduation ceremonies, etc. They provide private home rentals near campus in college towns around the country so you can have a place to stay when you go see your favorite college sports game, or see your favorite college kid graduate.

  • The Beebo


    The Beebo is a new hands-free way to bottle feed your baby, improving feeding and giving freeing your hands to eat, read, or just scratch your nose.

  • Shark Wheel


    The pitch to the Shark Tank is for square skateboard wheels – ok almost square – square plus semi-circular plus a sinewave. Invented for another reason, these wheels allow boarders to avoid crashing from dibree or rough terrain.

  • Zipz Wine


    Zipz Wine is the industry’s answer to portable single serving wine that aluminum cans were for the soda industry. Its container is extremely durable with a high quality plastic vessel that looks identical to glassware. Zipz also has a patented CleanWrap technology that preserves the freshness and shelf life of this revolutionary wine product.

  • Kitchen Safe


    Say hello to Kitchen Safe, the time locking container. Toted as a tool to build good habits and self discipline, the Kitchen Safe is intended to do more than just lock away the cookies from little Johnny until after dinner. Get creative with the TV remote and Xbox controller too. Man am I glad this wasn’t invented during the 90s.

  • Tree-T-Pee


    a device for watering trees more efficiently

  • CityKitty


    toilet training product for cats

  • Aldo Orta Jewelry


    mass market versions of custom jewelry

  • SweepEas


    broom with a built-in scraper